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My name is Elise Janszen and I am married to Paul. Together we have one son, Perry. We discovered supping as a family a few years ago on Ibiza. Total workout and fun for all three of us. I grew up with different water sports. This has shaped me into who I am today. Nature gives me the tranquility and space for creativity. It is wonderful to do your workout in nature and feel the positive vibe. I believe that love is energy and love should flow. Who am I.... a woman who loves to make the most of a day! I do this by striking the right balance. Love, work, sports, family, everything has to be in balance. This is what I have always been looking for.

Everything you give attention to grows .... our dream: our own sup school and rental 'Sup & Beach' in IJsselstein came true in 2017.


Feel free to request more information about our lessons or rentals. To book a date/availability we will contact you further by phone or email.

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